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Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit

What if I took classes at another institution during the summer, can I use those credits to count toward my degree?

Transferring credit to Ohio State:

Completed course work must be transferred to Ohio State in order to apply it to your degree program. The Transfer Credit Center offers details on the transfer credit process including information on interpreting your transfer credit report and a list of the transfer credit coordinators in each department here at The Ohio State University.

Courses taken at a state college or university in Ohio are eligible to be transferred to The Ohio State University with a grade of D or better. Transfer courses and their grade will appear on your record as K credit. Example: If you received an A, it appears as KA. 

Courses taken out of state or at a private institution require a grade of C- or better to transfer. 

If you have questions about transferring credits, please contact your academic advisor. It’s important to have a syllabus or other relevant information from that the class or classes you took from another institution. This will help the process of transferring credit. You may have to contact the instructor for the course to gather the necessary information.