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PGM: Program Learning Goals and Objectives

Professional Golf Management Program Learning Goals and Objectives 

Be competent in critical thinking and research

  • Collect data/information
  • Analyze data/information

Have the ability to integrate the fundamentals of physical and biological sciences in sustainable plant systems

  • Calculate discipline-related quantitative measurements
  • Determine the effect of environmental conditions on plant growth

Be able to communicate effectively in all aspects (oral, electronic, written, visual, etc.) at a professional level

  • Demonstrate the skills required to effectively and professionally present information gathered for reports and projects
  • Practice effective interactions with peers, other professionals, and lay persons

Understand the fundamentals of successful business and entrepreneurial operation: i.e., planning, goal setting, personnel management, business terminology, finance, economics, etc.

  • Establish and express operational goals
  • Appraise strategies for accomplishing established goals
  • Employ best practices for customer service, economics, compliance with regulations, etc.
  • Demonstrate professionalism through personal presentation and conduct

Have an appreciation for and ability to practice life-long learning through self-awareness and evaluation, seeking knowledge, and using evaluation and synthesizing skills

  • Employ identified and selected continuing education opportunities such as short courses, workshops, and seminars
  • Identify how to achieve success in one’s career by capitalizing on continuous professional development opportunities and self-promotion practices
  • Demonstrate increasing leadership responsibility
  • Critique ones own abilities by preforming self-evaluation

Have developed an appreciation of and respect for diversity

  • Demonstrate the ability to work with a people with varying cultures, backgrounds, ideas, ideals, and status
  • Explain the importance of diversity in managed ecosystems

Develop the skills to act in a socially responsible and ethical way

  • Practice properly citing source information
  • Exhibit the skills required to perform effectively as a contributing team member
  • Demonstrate a positive work ethic

PDF of Professional Golf Management Program Learning Goals and Objectives