SPS: Program Learning Goals & Objectives

Sustainable Plant System Program Learning Goals and Objectives

 Be competent in critical thinking and research

  • Acquire information and/or data
  • Analyze information and/or data
  • Interpret information and/or data

Understand the concept of sustainability and be able to use sustainable practices in horticulture and crop science

  • Understand the concept of sustainability
  • Apply the concept of sustainability to a managed plant ecosystem

Have the ability to integrate the fundamentals of physical and biological sciences with the principles of plant science to develop and maintain sustainable plant systems

  • Calculate discipline-related quantitative measurements
  • Assess the effect of environmental conditions on plant grows

Be able to disseminate information effectively through all forms of communication (oral, electronic, written, visual, etc.) at a professional level

  • Prepare information and/or data for a written report
  • Prepare information and/or data for a presentation
  • Develop projects utilizing digital communication technologies

Apply the fundamentals of management to horticulture and crop science enterprises

  • Establish goals
  • Appraise strategies for accomplishing established goals
  • Apply best practices for horticulture and crop enterprises

Have the appreciation for life-long learning through self-awareness and evaluation, seeking knowledge, and using evaluation and synthesizing skills

  • Participate in extracurricular educational opportunities
  • Critique one’s own performance through self-evaluations

Have developed an appreciation of and respect for diversity

  • Demonstrate knowledge or range of cultures, values, and political perspectives relevant for living in a global community

 Act in a responsible and ethical way

  • Properly credit sources of information
  • Preform effectively as a contributing team member
  • Demonstrate a positive work ethic


PDF of Sustainable Plant Systems Program Learning Goals and Objectives