Why Dr. Claudio Pasian (HCS Retiree) Returns to Teach One Course Each Fall

May. 20, 2022
Dr. Claudio Pasian in an Ohio Wildflower Field

Dr. Claudio Pasian officially retired from OSU HCS in 2019. His retirement, however, didn’t keep him from coming back each fall to teach HCS 3380 Latinos in Land Based Industries – one of his favorite courses he created while here at OSU. 

HCS 3380 Latinos in Land Based Industries will be returning once again this Autumn and is a 100% online course that both OSU students and non-students (certificate option) can take from anywhere in the world. Fun fact, Dr. Pasian actually teaches this course from Argentina - 5,549 miles away from Columbus, Ohio!

Let’s get to know a bit more about Dr. Pasian, his time here at OSU HCS & why he feels so passionate about this course – that not even retirement could stop him from teaching it each Fall...

When did you start working at OSU?

I started working at OSU January 2nd, 1994.

Why'd you decide to be a professor?

I must confess that not until I was in graduate school, did being a faculty member in a university pop up on my “radar screen”. When I was a teaching assistant in graduate school, I fell in love with doing research and interacting with students. 

What was your favorite part about working here at OSU?

I enjoyed every aspect of my job as a faculty member at OSU but, if I am pushed to select some activities, I'd say that spending time in the greenhouses doing experiments with plants and visiting greenhouse growers all over the state with my colleagues were activities that gave me a lot of satisfaction. (My appointment at OSU was 75% Extension + 25% Research). 

Why did you decide to continue teaching part time for OSU, after retiring in 2019 & moving to Argentina? 

I like to interact with students (even when it's a challenge). The course I currently teach (100% online) is my “baby” which I started from scratch many years ago with no model to follow. I also believe that students who plan to work in the agricultural field must have some of the cultural knowledge that they can acquire taking this course. Latinos are an important component of the agricultural workforce in the US.

What are some of your favorite things about living in Argentina?

I am temporarily in Argentina to help my brother to take care of our 95-year-old mother. Life has given me the opportunity to “Honor mother and father.” I really appreciate that opportunity. Being close to family and old friends is a joy.

In what ways does “HCS 3380 Latinos in Land Based Industries” benefit anyone who works (or will work) with a Spanish-speaking workforce?

In any workplace, communication between management and employees, and among employees themselves is essential to achieve high productivity and satisfaction in interpersonal relations. Communications is much, much more that words (verbal and written) and it is a process highly influenced by culture. Learning to recognize one’s own culture and being aware of the differences with other cultures makes communication more fluid and life less stressful. In this course, a substantial amount of time is spent covering the topics of communication and culture; comparing and contrasting common aspects of “American culture” and common aspects of “Latino culture.”

If you have any questions about if this course would be a good fit for you please don't hesitate to reach out to Dr. Pasian via email at pasian.1@osu.edu